Jewellery and bujutsu?


This blog is about two important parts of my life: martial arts (under the Dentokan umbrella) and making jewellery.

Please join in - there'll be ponderings on processes, and pictures of processes (maybe not in my gi, though...) but in both jewells and bujutsu I've got sooo much to learn, and waffle on about.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Folksy Friday and Karate Flash Back


Just to let you know I've added my Folksy Friday items - they are on my Folksy Friday page. Please let me know if having a page all of their own is working, or if it would be easier to pop them in my main blog. Ta.

Remember I couldn't wait to get back to karate training...? Hmmm. Well, it's a shame I was in Lalaland and a complete numpty on Wednesday! The dogs woke me at 3am, which is a favourite time of theirs to go mosey round the garden, so I was a bit tired. But really, there was no excuse.

My brain was slow ...'errr, so that's off the front leg, then I move ... where...?', and my body was not co-operating either. Oh, those honest mirrors. I mean, they really are helpful. But, man, are they mean sometimes. It's all good grist to the mill though. Chip chip...

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