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This blog is about two important parts of my life: martial arts (under the Dentokan umbrella) and making jewellery.

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Folksy Friday 14th May

My intended theme of 'horses known and loved' has been postponed for one week. Because, my blog is haunted. Ahuh, haunted. At least, my Folksy Friday page has been beset by slippage sprites*. Be gone, naughties! Not sure I'm doing the right thing by filling FF with Ghosts and Ghouls and Unsettling Feelings... but here are some lovely ones I've found on Folksy:

Copseywood Ghouls, by NettyBennets Ghost of Kathryn, by Natashe Morgan
peace place, by Bee Brady Photography One for Sorrow, by Champignons Little ghost earrings, by Emma Louise Originals Be back soo, Dotty and Boo, by Littlebirdphotography Ghost Tree, by Dick and Franny Dead and Buried, by Emma in Wonderland Photography

* You'll notice there is more empty space than necessary over the treasury.... I didn't put it there. Ghosties!

Disturbing ya bones from left to right and top to grave bottom
Copseywood Ghouls by NettyBennetts. Superbly staged, gravely beautiful, eery characters
The Ghost of Kathryn, by  Natasha Morgan. Haunting lost girls in elegant disarray ... and friends
peace place, by Bee Brady Photography. Magic pictures containing space, and narrative.  
One for sorrow*, by Champignons. Mostly not ghosts here but witty and handsome prints
Little ghost earrings, by Emma Louise Originals. Charming and lovely stamp jewellery
Be back soon, Dotty and Boo**, by littlebirdphotography. Heartbreakingly beautiful pictures
Ghost Tree, by DickandFranny.A fantastic boutique of jewellery, watercolours and prints.
Dead and Buried, by Emma in Wonderland Photography. Marvelous, full of meaning photography

* The Magpies are perched on a speech from Hamlet. Hamlet is sometimes described as a ghost story. Tada. * bow * : )
** There is a ghost in this picture, although I'm not sure where. Whoo-oo-ooo. I love it though (and I'm scared of ghosts)


Mrs Mac said...

fantastic, if slightly unnerving choices!!

Top Floor T said...

Hahaha, brilliant theme, I did wonder if you'd actually do it on ghosts after the spooooky slippage! I love the Ghost Tree :)

odd.sox said...

BOO! Those top two choices are already favourites of mine - they are a bit scary but I still love them. Cool spooky write-up too. :O

Just K Jewellery said...

that's absolutely fabulous - really made me smile...

Emma in Wonderland said...

Great FF!

Thank you so much for including my 'Dead & Buried' print!


Emma ♥

Anonymous said...

What great picks, an interesting read too.

Those art dolls are rather special, I love them but also find them slightly unnerving, very clever.

Cate x

Adien Crafts said...

What a spooky collection - Emma's print is unnerving as Cate says - brilliant, Di x

Kate said...

love your post, I think my whole laptop is haunted sometimes (couldn't possibly be user error!). I love the ghostly front room.

Sketchstitch said...

This is a great collection! Love those Copseywood Ghouls x

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Blogger's ghost is not quite as benevolent as Folksy's Fairy - it moves stuff on my blog too! Great choices


Mary Elliott said...

ohhh scary. apparently there is a ghost in my village so I'm scared already 8)he he

haptree said...

looks fab to me -

to remove irritating space go back into the html and delete the gaps or anything that is above the first image code - except for the < center >.

Eclectic Creations said...

Brilliant choices! Love the peace place print and little ghost earrings! Lovely but spooky hehe! X

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