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This blog is about two important parts of my life: martial arts (under the Dentokan umbrella) and making jewellery.

Please join in - there'll be ponderings on processes, and pictures of processes (maybe not in my gi, though...) but in both jewells and bujutsu I've got sooo much to learn, and waffle on about.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Folksy Friday 28th May 2010

I missed a week. Sorry. But, with no further doings, here is my 'Horses (and ponies) Known and Loved' themed Folksy Friday. I'll not name the ladies below, because I want to know if my Ma and sister can spot who's who, but will say that the first picture gives me a lump in my throat: the best, prettiest, baddest, most wall-eyed (both of 'em) friend a girl ever had.

Cushion for a Friend, by classic reflections Lavender Moon Necklace, by Owl on the Sill
Sea horse, by marmaline Pink and Grey necklace, by Blue Forest Jewellery
Capricious, by Red Shed Art Rosa necklace, by beauSHAMBLES

From left to right and pony to rosa
Cushion for a Friend, by Classic Reflections. Pretty WV and vintage style textiles
Lavender Moon necklace, by Owl on the Sill. Very tasty gemstone jewellery. Lovely stones.
Sea Horse, by marmaline. Fabulous prints, expressive eyes (except for the Winter tree)
Pink and Grey necklace, by Blue Forest Jewellery. A big feast for your eyes - gorgeous jewellery
Capricious, by Red Shed Art. Beautiful and story-full moments caught on film or oils
Rosa, by beauSHAMBLES. Very lovely and intriguing range of handcrafted jewellery


Rach @ code said...

Thanks for the mention hon :) have linked on FB x

Minky Magic said...

Love the pillow. Please pop by and see my FF selection if you get the chance! Cheers, Marie x

Laura Cameron said...

A great idea for your Folksy Friday! Let us know if your Mum and sister work it out! Thanks for including my 'Capricious' print.

Gracie said...

Lovely well thought out selection. Really love the necklace by pretty xxx

NOfkantsCurios said...

Really pretty and interesting selection.

I love Blue Forrests necklace, and I'm not usually a pink girl!

Natalie x

Kellie said...

i love the name 'Owl on the sill' ...but the rose necklace is beautiful xx

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

What a great selection. Thanks so much for including my necklace. Being in a Folksy Friday really makes your day :-)

Alison @ Blue Forest Jewellery

Anonymous said...

Awww revisiting on my regular self-googlage :) Thanks for the kind comments about my rose necklace! Always nice to hear x

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