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This blog is about two important parts of my life: martial arts (under the Dentokan umbrella) and making jewellery.

Please join in - there'll be ponderings on processes, and pictures of processes (maybe not in my gi, though...) but in both jewells and bujutsu I've got sooo much to learn, and waffle on about.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Karate Graded

Five hour grading, sensei with clipboards. Quite intense. However, only two trips to the loo and only twenty press-ups, and fun kumite. I love kumite, but am looking forward to a time when my brain keeps up with my body. That is to say, one day I am sure I won't labour to plan, execute and get out before missing a chance to do. Sometimes, rarely, it happens, and it feels good, but still too often my opponent sees that my lumbering old brain is slowing me down and pops me one in the chops (preferably with control...).  All good learning.

The upshot is that we all passed, so phew for that. Wish I had some photos for you. Visualise white gis, determined expressions and just a little sweat.

Ooh, and some blood. I got a impressive (looking) wound on my arm - with blood, mind - but carried on to do two more rounds. Huh! my bad self (I paraphrase)! That's veterans for ya. I've got a strips on it and a plaster now...sensible.

There were some brilliant performances yesterday, and no doubt some aching bits and bobs today. Onward and upward for us all.Chip, chip, chip.

Soon, some thoughts on the process of learning martial arts.

katatsuburi soro-soro nobore fuji no yama

little snail
inch by inch, climb
Mount Fuji! 

Thank you 'haiku guy' site for collating lots of Issa haiku. This one is probably well-known, although I have only just found it...


SueC said...

Congratulations on your 2nd kyu success (same grade as me!)What style are you? I'm Shukokai.

Littlefair said...

Hi Cat,

Well done on passing and thanks for following DOMA!

I checked out your bio and see that you studied dance at one time. I'd be interested on your views of my recent post about dance and martial arts:


KataCatMcCracken said...

Hi Sue,

thank-you : ) done 8 or 9 gradings now, and I still feel sick almost exactly one week before my gradings. Nerves tell me that karate matters though, so that's good ...

It's grand to find a fellow 2nd kyu blogging - and a lady too. I was pleased to find your blog! Thank you for following mine.

My karate style is shorin-ryu, although I've just started learning goju-ryu kata, as that style comes under the dentokan umbrella. It's good for the ol' brain.

KataCatMcCracken said...


and thank you for following ... BB.

Fascinating blog article - have scanned it and intend to go back and read / watch carefully. I know I've a headfull of things to say so may post my response ...

There are similarities, but a profound different too ... I'm optimistic I'll be able to find a few words to describe what I mean ...

In fact, will set myself the homework 'Dance is no more than moving ones arms and legs about. Karate is more. Discuss' (I'll work on the essay title). Deadline ... roughly next week.

Being 2nd kyu karate, and no more than a dabbler in other disciples, I won't be able to draw on the depth of martial arts knowledge you have. But, I do know sommat of contemporary and other dance.

Thank you for setting my brain ticking!

Toodle pip

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