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Friday, 26 March 2010

Oxidisation with eggs

My skin is sensitive so I don't fancy using something from a bottle which requires me to wear gloves. Also, I haven't had eggs for a while. So, I hard boiled three big ones, left one in a well-sealed plastic container with some bits and bobs and sat down to enjoy the other two. Eggs taste good.

Hypothosis: Certain base metals, when sealed in a container with a cooked (large and free-range) egg, will oxidise and change appearance.

Method: On my first trial I left some silver-plated beads, some 'silver-plated' charms and some ready-hammered copper pieces which just looked too eager in their raw, shiny state.

Results: After about one hour the exposed surface of dimple beads was green/grey, and the copper had patches of dark brown. No change to the charms. After about one afternoon the copper was blackened fairly consistently over surface, the dimple beads still looked alarming and there was no change to the charms.

Conclusion: The charms were silvertone, and not silver-plated. Bad show. The copper did very well, but my method when trying to oxidise silver-plate needed refining.

As you can see, the copper has a little more about it - this pic was taken after brushing and polishing some of the 'eggsidisation' off.

Note: the next day I tried brass. After about 2 hours it had darkened nicely.

Having enjoyed my two eggs during the previous day's experiment I decided to boil an extra three - THREE - for myself to eat. Result: I no longer like the idea of eating eggs.

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averilpam said...

too much of a good thing eh!! Eggs definitely best in moderation I think.
Interesting about the (egg)oxidisation, though not sure I'd recommend it as a test for silver plating! I like the copper after cleaning it up, looks good,
pam x

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